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Welcome to Discover Your Potential,
a Counselling and Mediation service located in South West Sydney.

We are committed to equipping you to overcome life's challenges and empowering you to discover your full potential.

We believe that mental health is the key to a fulfilling life. 


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Fayez Nour: Counsellor and Mediator

- Mental Health Social Worker
- Master of Social Work (ACAP)
- Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling
- Registered Dispute Resolution Practitioner / Mediator
- Accredited Clinical Counselling Supervisor

Fayez is a passionate and skilled counsellor, with years of experience that makes him caring, empathetic and engaging. He has a substantial background working in private practice. He provides effective therapeutic support across a diverse range of issues to individuals, couples and families. Fayez also provides supervision to other counsellors,

Fayez is registered with the Australian Counselling Association, the Professional Counselling Association of the ACT & NSW, Australian Association of Social Workers and the Resolution Institute.

His unconditional support to his clients, guides them to reflect on their concerns at their own desired pace, so that they feel heard without judgement, and are empowered to improve communication and build trust in self and with others.

Depending on the unique needs and aims of each client, Fayez may draw on a range of counselling methods, including, but not exclusive to: Mindfulness-Based Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Psycho Therapy, Psychodynamic Therapy and Emotional Intelligence Therapy.

Fayez also facilitates a “Depression Recovery Program”, for group settings.

Fayez strongly believes in the brain plasticity and human ability for greater transformation. Fayez is committed to helping and empowering his clients to discover their own potential to live more authentically and at ease within themselves and with others, allowing them to achieve deep personal growth and positive change.